Our Process

Kilcullin Financial Life Planning adheres to a clear process to understand our clients' needs and help ensure that they receive a uniformly high level of service.

  • Discovery

    Our client relationships begin with gathering your information and determining your goals and expectations. We make sure that we’re crystal clear about what you want to achieve before providing any advice.

  • Design

    Once we have analyzed your financial situation and goals, we develop and present recommendations to you, reviewing them so that you can make informed decisions. And we listen to any concerns and revise our advice as appropriate.

  • Implementation

    We then agree with you about how the recommendation(s) will be carried out. In some cases, we will carry out the recommendations on your behalf, while in others cases, you or a third party may handle implementation steps.

  • Maintenance

    Finally, we agree on who will monitor progress toward your goals. If we handle that responsibility, we will periodically review the situation with you and adjust recommendations as needed.