Our Clients

At Kilcullin Financial Life Planning, we serve a diverse group of clients, from 20-somethings to retirees. What they share in common: An insistence on trustworthy, expert advice with no strings attached.

Retirees and Pre-Retirees

Retirement is a time of freedom and possibilities—but it can also be a time of financial concerns and uncertainties.

Our planning services help those approaching retirement to make the leap with confidence. We provide clear guidance and support on "retirement checklist" items such as:

  • "Reality checking" your savings and other anticipated sources of income to make sure you're ready.
  • Creating a retirement budget to help ensure that you'll remain financially independent throughout your life.
  • Building a retirement portfolio to safeguard your capital while providing the growth you need to reach your goals.

We support our retired clients with investment guidance and management, along with advice about everything from estate planning to big purchases.

Professionals and Families

Our financial planning services help younger clients clarify their long-term goals and provides a clear roadmap for reaching them. Among our areas of expertise:

  • Accumulation planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • College and retirement saving
  • Insurance

Thanks to our broad expertise and many years of experience, we're able to help younger clients "see around corners" and stay on track toward their goals.

Whether you are looking back on a life of accomplishment, or just starting to lay the foundation for a successful future, Kilcullin Financial is here to help. Our only agenda: Helping you to reach your goals and live with confidence.