Kilcullin Financial helps clients meet their financial goals through investment management review that is simple and low-cost.

Building Your Portfolio

Your investment portfolio is custom-designed based on your goals, your timeline for achieving those goals, and your tolerance for risk.

Using the principals of Modern Portfolio Theory, we carefully allocate your investments to achieve the optimal balance between risk and reward. Because costs have an important impact on returns, our favored investments include low-cost mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

Monitoring Your Investments

We provide ongoing oversight to make sure that your investments' performance is on track to meet your goals. As necessary, we rebalance your investments to ensure that your portfolio doesn't become too risky—or too conservative. And should your goals or comfort level with risk change, we can adjust your investments accordingly.

Keeping You Informed

We regularly review your investment performance with you, and are happy to explain why we believe each investment deserves a place in your portfolio. We are also transparent about the cost of investment management. As with all of our services, we charge fees only, and the only product we sell is advice.