Our Approach

What Does It Mean to be "Client Centered?"

At Kilcullin Financial, commitment to our clients' success is at the heart of everything we do. That commitment is reflected in our approach, which is holistic, objective and transparent.

We're Holistic

The elements of your financial life—from your income to your investments to your taxes to your estate planning—are interrelated. As a CFP® firm, we have broad expertise and the ability to help you succeed across your financial life as a whole. That's very different from many firms, which seek above all to sell you lucrative (for them) investments or insurance.

We're Objective

We charge fees, not sales commissions. And as an independent firm, we aren't beholden to a profit-minded parent company. The result is an ability to provide clear, unbiased advice with no hidden agenda. Indeed, as legal fiduciaries, we're obligated to put your interests first.

We're an Open Book

At Kilcullin Financial, we pride ourselves on our transparency—our fees are fair and straightforward, with no surprise charges. What's more, we emphasize low-cost solutions such as index funds and exchange-traded funds.

If we look different from other firms, it's because our approach to serving our clients is different. We're proud to put our money where our mouth is as a true, client-centered advisory firm.